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shibbes cream liqueurs

Our latest line of products, Shibbes Cream Liqueurs, are tantalisingly good and deliciously creamy. Perfect for mixing or drinking alone!

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black horse premium cream liqueurs

Experience the smoothness of silky cream with a hint of strawberry. Enjoy on it's own or over crushed ice on a warm summers day. Or enjoy a true, African-born liqueur. The flavour of the Marula fruit fused with cream and fine spirits to create a perfect taste sensation!

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We're all about seeing our drinks "in action" ... and we want to see you in action too! So send us your party pictures, preferably with on of our drinks in hand, to us at promotions@sld.co.za - we'll periodically upload some of the best, craziest and most creative!


If you are looking for a good time and a few free shots then look out for our infamous love potion girls. You can recognise them by their pink attire and matching bottle of Love Potion. Send us a picture of you or one of your friends enjoying yourselves at any club and stand a chance to win a bottle of love potion!.

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black horse vodka black horse gin black horse cane

The very romantic love potion is great for the girls, but for the guys we have the classic taste of the Black Horse label. Look our for the smartly-dressed Black Horse gentlemen - complete with bottle - for a few free shots! Send us a picture of you and/or your friends enjoying Black Horse at any club and stand a chance to win a bottle of either Black Horse Vodka, Black Horse Gin or Black Horse Cane!

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